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Name:Princess Velvet
Birthdate:Jul 7
Website:the mun <-> dagger
♔ The Scarlet Witch, Velvet

Born between the unholy union of the Demon Lord, Odin, of Ragnanival and Princess Ariel of Valentine, Velvet’s was brought into a cruel existence filled with deceit and lies. Her mother loved the enemy of their nation and because of her love for Odin, King Valentine killed in her in blind rage. Watching their mother’s life dwindle right before their eyes, Velvet and her twin brother, Ingway, suffered under the malice of their bewitched grandfather. When the war against Ragnanival reached it’s climatic end, the country of Valentine was laid to ruins thanks to the deadly power of the Crystallization Cauldron and by the madness of it’s king. King Valentine turned all of his loyal subjects into Pookas (rabbit-like beasts) and changed those who betrayed him into Goblins. It is later revealed that the one who allowed Valentine to fall before Lord Odin’s feet was Ingway, who played the role of the traitor in order to be awarded with the love of his father. During this act of betrayal, Velvet as fortunate enough to be away from the kingdom of Valentine and thus avoiding the curse her grandfather placed upon the people and a sudden death.

The tragedy of Valentine shocked all the nations of Erion and called forth a new age of discord between the mighty kingdoms. The fairies of Ringford took the field to battle Ragnanival for the Cauldron while fearing the prophesies that speak of the Armageddon that is sure to come. It was during these brutal years that Velvet and her brother grew up in the forests of Elrit, their father giving them an abandoned castle that lies within the woods. King Odin did not desire for his subjects to know about his affairs with Princess Ariel and made sure to keep his secret unknown by any of his subjects by banishing his offspring into the woods. It was because of his actions that Velvet’s brother, Ingway, grew to hate him so while Velvet grew to become somewhat sympathetic to the father who ruined her mother’s life.

For years the two lived in total secrecy, until one day a young prince from Titania meet the beautiful homeless princess within Elfirt’s woods. The two fell in love despite their different heritage. Their love continued to blossom even if many disliked the idea of a noble prince of Titania falling in love with a cursed former-princess. Ingway himself showed great disdain for his sister’s love for Cornelius that even went as far as casting same spell that King Valentine cast upon his people upon the prince. He changed Cornelius into a Pooka in hopes of stifling their love. However, her brother’s plan did not go as planned for Velvet still maintained her love for Cornelius even if he was a beast now.

The war for the Cauldron continued and Velvet felt as if it was her duty to reach the Cauldron first and deactivate it before either side uses it for evil.


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