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prologue, act i. [voice]

W-where am I?!

What sort of fate has fallen upon me now? I demand to know, where am I and why have I been brought here?

Has the wars stopped? Has the chaos been quelled? Tis not Erion, I know that much, but I do not know why I am here. This is a kingdom of some kind. More or less, a village judging by the houses I see before me.

Where is my clothing? I never wore this type of dress before. I do hope I am in the company of friends and not foes…

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Well, let's see.

It's not a kingdom, aaand you're probably among foes. Or at the very least strangers. Possibly hostile ones.

...That probably doesn't make you feel much better.

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Not a kingdom? Then who rules this land if there if it is king-less?


If such is true, then such foes shall fall prey to the might of my psycher! I will not allow myself to be defeated now. The fate of the world rests upon--excuse me but who are you?

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Who rules? Yeah, about that...

Look, Miss High-and-Mighty, you're going to have to suspend any thoughts of saving the world for now.


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No... 'tis impossible...

/lets say this is a voice tag!

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That voice...can it be?

Prince Cornelius!? My love, what are you doing here? Have we failed? The Cauldron, where is the Cauldron?


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Surely, I'm being taunted.


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...Ingway? Brother, what are you doing here?

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Much the same as you, presumably. Why...

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[Oh. New mother.]

Miss? Please, calm down.

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[A new mother who isn't ready to be called 'mother' yet.]

I-I'm fine.

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That's understandable. My name is Porom, miss... the town you're in is called Mayfield. Many of us have been brought here, against our will.

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You are in a town called Mayfield. A town where supposedly there is some sort of magic that does not allow anyone to return home and personal possessions taken away from us.

At least that is all that I know about this place since I've been here.

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Magic? You mean to say that it is magic that seals us here? That certainly sounds fiendish! I know of three sorcerers who possess such power and all three have been thwarted in their quest to invoke the end.

If it be one of these three behind such a scheme, then will not be surprised.

How long have you been trapped here?

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[Holy crap, he wasn't expecting someone to mention sorcerers WITH power at all and more expected for her to dismiss it. So give him a good minute or so to get out of that surprised reaction himself.]

Ah? Oh, a little over two weeks from now. I'm still learning about the things that goes on here still, so sorry if I won't be of much help to you.

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Mayfield is like anywhere else - some of us will be friends, and some of us foes.

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Such is life but I rather have more friends than foes. I have slain my fair share of enemies and I wish not to bloody my hands more.

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I see. Did you slay them for the right reasons?

me too!

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You've arrived in Mayfield, dear. And most of the people here are friendly, but you should still be careful~

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Many welcome me to 'Mayfield' but no one knows how I may leave it. While this village looks as if it is a regular village, there is something amidst here.

Does this soil still belong to my world of Erion?

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Mayfield town is not much of kingdom, comrade. Would be better to not exist at all!

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Tis be true considering many do not recognize it as a kingdom.

Are you one of the many who shall greet me, sir? Are you trapped here as well?

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Ah, sorry, comrade-- all children come in and ask questions! Да, have been stuck in silly town. Do not worry, once have gotten hold of boss, while be out very quickly. Will be sure to erase town off map while at it.


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"friend" and "foe" are such relative terms in a place like this...